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HAMAS attacks party in southern Israel


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On 10/10/2023 at 8:38 AM, astralprojection said:

i wont reply to the thread anymore, and my apologies again if you were offended by my rather blank and neutral statement.

I’m kind of an outsider here (onlooker of 15 years) but I don’t think it’s necessary to exclude people from the conversation. Perhaps we didn’t really understand where the other was coming from based on our words. As far as I’m concerned, this thread should be about the music community, (the psytrance community! at a peace gathering on the border, of all people to be targeted) and about concern for the victims. They were targeted by hateful people (terrorists who don’t represent their community) and those victims should still be alive. Perhaps the rest of the conversation should stay on other forums, and we ~everybody~ should listen as much as we speak (and speak with empathy).

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Absolutely horrific what has happened and is still happening. :'( Everything I think and have to say is more or less said and speculated on in much better and more intelligent words in this video podcast than what I can utter:  https://open.spotify.com/episode/3y9eFz5xFDRmhuHfVZMDuv?si=4717f72cb9404c3c



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Friend just posted this. Thought it was well written and aligns with how I feel...


We, the ravers. We, the music lovers. We, the psychedelic trance scene. We stand for peace. We stand for love. We do not stand for hate and senseless violence. We stand for peak experiences of joyous hedonism in harmonic juxtaposition of seeking our truth, finding ourselves in epiphanous states from philosophical inquiry and dance floor ponderings. 


We are proponents of sharing the joys of life with one another and the psychedelic experience, which allows us to transcend the dreariness of the banality of our everyday rat race existence. We celebrate visionary art, provocative inquiry, dissolving the status quo, and transformational experiences in our lives taking us to our next levels of self-actualization. 


We resoundingly reject hate; we unanimously refuse your vitriol. The global psytrance community is not homogenous or monolithic in nature, but together we collectively embrace and promote LOVE through our MUSIC across this entire planet, from parties off the map made up of 10 people in a cornfield dancing furiously to darkpsy from dusk to dawn and beyond on some Mackie monitors and a blown out sub, up to our massive festivals where tens of thousands of psychedelic trance pilgrims congregate from hundreds of countries from around our planet, to unite together and stand what we have ALWAYS stood for: peace, love, unity, and spending time together dancing to some of the best f*cking music on the planet. 


We will NOT be afraid. You will NOT take away LOVE from us. We will continue onwards but we will NEVER forget those that were murdered in cold blood during the most beautiful and loving moments of their lives.


We have always been the torch bearers for the ultimate experience of peace, love, and music in this world and will continue to do so.

With love, and in memory of those we lost.

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