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Lemon Magazine (Greece)

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Lemon Magazine was a greek magazine dedicated to electronic music and celebrating the rave culture of the time. 

It had a short life span, between 1996 and 2000, but it was full of the energy and the vibe of the time. With articles written from people actively involved in the scene, and with an audio CD included with (most of) the releases, it quickly became a piece of musical history. Especially for greek people.

Seeing as most (if not all) of the CDs are missing from Youtube, I decided to start uploading them one by one. So here is the link for the first CD that came out with the 3rd issue. 

Have a listen and any recommendations are welcomed (since my experience with Youtube uploading is non existent).

If there is demand, I might start uploading PDF scans of all the issues as well. No promises though :) 

Important note: it also includes a Goa Trance track (no. 4). Enjoy!!!


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14 hours ago, psytones said:

Cool:) Why not upload the CDs With the scanned Magazine pages on the vid.? Would be (even more) epic *

I thought about it. But, that would take much more time, something I don't currently have. And also, all the magazines are in Greece (and I leave in UK). So it has to be a future project. And, finally, I know a lot of greek speaking people would love to (re)read those, so not very efficient when they are part of a youtube video :)

I think the best would be to add a pdf link on the Youtube video description.

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Issue #4 of Lemon magazine (and the first one I bought) came with the 2nd volume of Master Output. Track 8 is the one to listen to. A simply but utterly mystical downtempo track.



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