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Artist: Various
Title: Hoddmine
Label: Kali Earth Records
Release: April 1, 2023


1 - ShivaOm - Mine

2 - Yamarāja - Different Planet

3 - Sab Kuch Milegator: Data Scream


I like the idea of a mini VA and I like a label like Kali Earth Records putting them together. I have to admit I’ve seen the Hoddmine/Hoddmime/Hodder? series be promoted over the course of months and am still clueless as to which release is which, which album cover (or album cover landing page) is for which release and what the deal is in general.


Are the album covers complete? Is there a cover to come? I have a distant memory of a similar cover being a place holder for previous releases yet to receive the cover art treatment. 


Let’s pretend it’s neither here nor there, let’s look at the music.


3 releases starting with ShivaOm who I’ve heard on plenty of recent Goa focused compilations. Normally using big Blasting kickdrums and some solid acid melodic work.

This track is a lot smoother but just as full as other works that i’ve heard from him. Going for a forestry rhythm instead of melody attack with plenty of psychedelia sprinkled over the top. A dark-psy intensity and background sweeps underline the track giving it that haunting atmosphere. The lower mid tones and melody separate it from the other tracks in that it hits the most frequencies which I personally find absolutely delightful. The final 'melody' is sublime and sweeps through my brain causing more delight.


Next we have a name that’s new to me. Yamaraja with Different Planet. A more dark psy kick and bassline that is still presented with a softness rather than a sharpness. It’s fast but has a warm signature and a good sense of space throughout the track. The Kickdrum goes deep and causes plenty of eye shaking wobbles, the low end is the star of the show for me as I just bask in the solid power of it all.

A deep night track with some sparkles up top and distant eerie wails. It does what night psy does by pumping along without any serious breakdowns or builds but presents itself hypnotically. 


The final track was full on anticipation for me. Sab Kuch Milegator is simply one of the most unique musicians out there, every track of his has the potential to surprise and wow you, sometimes that comes 9 minutes into a 12 minute track and sometimes it’s the entire journey. 


Data Scream has a brighter coldness to it, with a lot of focus in the upper treble of the track but never reaching into sibilance territory. But that's data for you, a cold binary truth that occasionally screams at us in pain. The track is true to it's title and you gotta respect that. SKM has a knack for building tracks around a series of sounds and he smashes this one out of the park.

The excitement comes in at 6 & ½ minute mark as the psychedelia is picked up a notch and the soundstage begins to open up even more. As the background noises get louder and come closer to the front of the stage the groove increases tenfold. I wish that part lasted longer as it’s the most arm waving danceable part of the track. But we don’t get to decide what artists do and overall the track has a nice build to it but I think could have focused on that build a bit better.


Three decent tracks with my favorite coming from ShivaOm as it feels like a strong mix of the two tracks that comes after it.

Worth a listen and then deciding for yourselves if it is worth a purchase. I always like to support KER and their unique releases. I would suggest creating some more distinct differentiation between the series or throwing a (Vol 1) / (Vol 2).

KER releases have felt a little more erratic lately, sometimes dumping several similar albums on us at the same time as several similar looking upcoming releases which makes it harder to sort through and organise.


But Tsotsi is here for us so don't worry.


Here to organise



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Nice to have some feedback... can you imagine I feel the same way as you to a certain extent. It's tragicomical you make a 9 minute track and then think maybe it should've been just a tad longer! In all honesty, the project file for this track got somehow "corrupted" near the completion and I couldn't do any significant changes without crashing the DAW. That's the poor man's outdated, pirated FL studio charm for you.

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  • Tsotsi changed the title to VA - Hoddmine

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