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DJ Basilisk Mixes 2023


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Hello all! It's another year so here's a fresh thread for new mixes from yours truly. As always, every mix is curated and recorded with care, drawing upon lossless source material and properly post-processed for maximum sound quality. Guest mixes sometimes start out streaming-only, but everything eventually ends up on my site, usually within 1-6 months.

Here's the first for 2023, a psychedelic techno mix for Subtrail featuring five selections from Techgnosis Records (among many others):

For reference, here are some threads from previous years:


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The second chapter in the Intangible Frontiers series goes deeper into a fusion of different musical subcultures and world music traditions. It's mostly rooted in dub techno and progressive trance, but there''s a fair amount of psybient, dark disco, and ambient in there too. Three hours of meticulously-curated slo-mo sounds: 

Full info, track listing, and download links on my site:


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Here's another installment of the Transmissions From Utopia series, in which I try to capture something of the old magic... in this case, a heady cross-pollination of ambient techno and raging Goa trance circa 1996! You'll hear many classics you know and love, and probably a few you overlooked... so dive in:

Full info and other goodies on my site:

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I also have another mix out for Techgnosis this month! Three hours of the finest in psychedelic techno, minimal psytance, and broken beat experiments to set the mood...


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I have another edition in my "Transmissions From Utopia" series out today, detailing musical movements of the past... this one traverses classic Goa trance, ambient techno, progressive house, and IDM from 1996 and earlier. Old school fans will definitely want to check this out:

Full info and download links already available on my site:

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