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Happy new year (Wir Shicken dich ins all)..


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Happy new year everyone! Hoping for positive change in the world and peace. Grateful to live another year to see what wonders human technological and cultural evolution might present this year. (Hoping for lot's of new inspired music and art and movies). Did anyone see Avatar 2 yet? :D Probably everyone..

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On 12/31/2022 at 9:27 PM, MikroMakro said:

I share this old and gold, proto...


Happy new year!!!

Wir schicken dich ins all is awesome.

Here, have two more, old as the street. =))



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Another couple of cool ones...




And something I distinctively recall driving around London in the 90's hearing played on KISS FM

I was not so much into Goa music back then just the occasional warehouse party but I remember this being special when i heard it

glad I found it a few years back:

This stuff gives me goosebumps




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great selection MM ! some top killer tunes of that era

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