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New track that i'm unsure about. Looking for constructive feedback ^^


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On 12/16/2022 at 10:50 PM, InvolutionTrance said:

Hope you like it as it is. On the other hand feel free to tell me what could be changed or other opinions :)

Listening in headphones here, you got a  nice dark atmosphere going. If I personally would change/add anything, it would be that at around 02:55 instead of re-introducing that spiral lead, I would like to be surprised there and have the track elevate the energy by introducing a new and very euphoric lead (that's just my preference tho) you might of course want to introduce another kind of lead, but just something energetic and contrasting I think would do the trick. If you're aiming for a more mellow darkish progressive vision, then of course leave it as it is. Perphaps make a remix and try to see how much energy you could introduce by playing around with the suggestion? :)

The kick is quite old school which is nice, but I personally would probably try to make one that hits a little deeper. Anyways this kick is not bad, it reminds me of some old Goa Head track's kick. In the end it's your vision.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yep thats my vision hehe: dark and ominous. Anyway, good idea with an alt lead. I may do that soon.  Would be cool to make an alt lead with more energy in just the notes. (on the kick) I'm heavily inspired by thoose old good compilations hehe. :) Awesome that you feel the dark vibes of it also.

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