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Psylicious Radio presents: SpaceWarp Records ft; Kid Kosmik - Domino - EarthAlien


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Welcome to our monthly special edition of Psylicious Radio, where we join collaborative forces with record labels and boost their Bandcamp Friday!
SpaceWarp Records is a newly launched Psytrance label from the UK that will be, Warping your space with psychedelic sounds...
SpaceWarpers Vol.1 VA compiled by label DJ and manager EarthAlien, will be the newest release available for pre-orders on this date – 1st April 2022.
So, keep your ears peeled and your eyes wide open for this delicious psychedelic treat.

Featured on this show are label DJs, Kid Kosmik - Domino - EarthAlien. Enjoy!


DOMINO [SpaceWarp Recs] CA
DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world.
Her dynamic, energetic DJ style is filled with beautiful melodies which gets her into a trance dance herself while playing.

She has an innate ability to create a mysterious atmosphere while bringing people together on the dance floor. Domino was born in England and was raised in Goa, India .

Goa, India is the spiritual origin of trance music similar to Ibiza, Spain. People from all over the world have gone to Goa seeking creativity, and freedom in every way, finding their inner-selves, or just simply to dance to trance music in the nature....

Naturally, Domino was influenced at a very young age by all kinds of electronic music like Front 242, Yellow, The The, Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb and many others. Domino started her DJing at the age of eighteen. Surprisingly, she began mixing tracks with a Walkman and making many mix tapes for her friends. She began collecting all kinds of music like Voodoo People, Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Eat Static and Resistance D. Eventually, Mike Maguire from Juno Reactor heard Domino play in Goa and was astonished.

In 1991, Domino decided to go and explore more of Europe and ended up in England as a dance performer for Eat Static at the famous Brixton Academy and other clubs. After performing a couple of times for Eat Static, Domino kept DJing and Mike Maguire gave her an incredible opportunity. 1995 was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson).

She was the opening DJ for the event and used her Walkman at the time. She got such an amazing feedback from the crowd they decided to tour together for the year in England, France and Greece..

In 1996, DJ Domino played in Yokohama, Japan for the first time at an Equinox sponsored party at Yokohama Bay Hall. At first people didn't know what to expect from a female DJ but gradually when Domino started playing the music began to swell, the crowd started to roar and people danced, their hearts pounding. The whole party lifted into a unified force.

Since that time , the Japanese people and culture have captured Domino's heart. In 1997 DJ Domino's first mix CD, EQ001, was released from Equinox in Japan. Since then, she has been playing all over the world in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Holland (Amsterdam), India (Bombay, Bangalore), Israel, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Portugal, Spain (Ibiza), and the United States (New York and Los Angeles).

DJ Domino also played in open air festivals like the Antaris(Germany), Voov (Germany), Boom festival (Portugal) and Equinox (Japan).

In 2000 DJ Domino's second mix CD, EQ011, was released from Equinox in Japan. Domino also wanted to give more opportunities and confidence to other female artists and DJ's in the art scene so she created a new project with other female organizers involving only female artists, VJ's, decoration and PA. Since then she has organized three female events, all of them resulting in big successes. This has not only given female artists confidence but also shown people there is something more important, which is "love" A female who was brought up in the so called "sacred place of trance music" is now giving full energy, strength and love to the world.

01: Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution (UNI Rmx)
02: Gms and Earthling - Lucky
03: Space Tribe - Be Yourself
04: GMS and Dickster - Acid Quest
05: Nax - Micro G
06: Iridian - Mysterious Surroundings
07: Mad Tribe - Trippers (remastered)
08: Polaris - The Universe
09: Gms, Dickster, Earthling - Eat Static Implant (Rmx)


Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook


EARTHALIEN [SpaceWarp Recs] UK
Influenced by the sound of bands such as Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Juno Reactor, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and many more, EarthAlien has always had a passion for quality electronic music and psychedelia.

He has worked within the music industry since the early 90's and has a wealth of experience, working within many territories including venue and event management as well as artist management.

EarthAlien is the label manager and label DJ for newly launched UK-based psychedelic label, SpaceWarp Records. He is also a resident DJ and crew member of Gdansk event Be Psychedelic in Poland and is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene.

EarthAlien executes a non-pigeonholed, hypnotic, underground full-on driving sound, of psychedelic trance, Goa trance, deeper darker tones, and older retro sounds that take the trance floor into a psychedelic experience...

01: DuM – Quantum**
02: MTheory & Twelve Sessions – Once in A Blue Moon
03: Terraform – Prometheus
04: Lunatica & Hypatia – Fractal Land
05: ManMadeMan – Ready**
06: Mechanimal – Twilight Calling
07: Lennielazerbeam – Dimensional Being**
08: Hypnocoustics & Aphid Moon – Pure Sorcery
09: Plasmatix – Flower
10: Gizma – After the Storm
11: Oden – Electric Brain**
12: Hypnocoustics – Collective Vision
13: Coral – Magic Lake**
14: Earthspace – Onboard (Plasmatix Rmx)
15: Hypnocoustics & Aphid Moon – Remote Culture
16: Etnica – Prismatic
17: Nostromosis – Jericho
18: Devi Divine – Morning Sun**
19: Ephedra – Savannah Monk Trial
20: Hautacam – Double Positive
21: Youth – Saturday Night (Hautacam Rmx)
22: Barby – One Mind**
23: Psychomental – Transmitter
24: Trinodia – Enlightened Moon
25: ManMadeMan – Shape the World
26: Rigel – Tiny Universe**
** Out Soon On SpaceWarp Records

Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Be Psychedelic | Psylicious


KID KOSMIK [SpaceWarp Recs] DE
Born in Berlin 1981, Sascha aka Kid Kosmik, discovered his love for music from an early age and was instantly hooked by the Rock'n'Roll sounds of that era.

Having relocated to the Austrian countryside with his parents at the age of 10, Sascha grew up with Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Ska, Raggae and Hip-Hop, as he always had an open mind for different music.

Funnily enough, he had a strong stance regarding electronic music not being "real music". His mind set, however, changed in 2003, when he moved to Vienna and discovered the underground club scene.

After experiencing his first Psytrance festivals, Sascha started DJing Psychedelic Trance in 2004 and soon played at many parties in Vienna and around Austria.

In his beginning years, Sascha performed as "PinkPanther" and was the first DJ at that time, calling his style of music "Deep Psy". With his monthly radio show "Final Fantasy" on Digitally Imported Radio, he was able to share his DJ sets with a broad audience all over the world.

After a break from the Psytrance scene, he changed his DJ name and came back as “Ghost In The Shroom”. From there he appeared on several International Psytrance line-ups of smaller and mid-sized clubs and festivals in Europe, Central America and Goa/India.
In 2017, Sascha moved back to Berlin and rebranded himself, once again, creating "Kid Kosmik".

Kid Kosmik is a multi genre skilled DJ within a variety of sounds, including Minimal, Deep, Dark, Progressive and Psychedelic Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Psychedelic Trance and Downbeat.

01: Asimilon & Parasense - The most bizzare aspect (Tristan Rmx)
02: Dirty Saafi - Human technology
03: Psymmetrix & Southwild - Nostrials damn us
04: Parasense - Ami san kho (Dickster Rmx)
05: Assioma - Liquid thoughts
06: Animalien & Cryptophonix - Ancient legacy
07: Foam - Synapse smasher (Mole Rmx )
08: Fungus Funk & Circus Bent - Mutabor
09: Animalien & Bobblehead - Moon squid
10: Hookers - Same same but different
11: Whiptongue & Circus Bent - Platonic illusion
12: Cubic Spline - Tequila psytron (Shotu Rmx )
13: Animalien & Farbo - Spliffed
14: Rezonant & Djantrix - Twinight
15: Ingrained Instincts & Module Virus - Wacky characters
16: Earthspace – Holographic

Website | Soundcloud | Youtube | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Instagram


SpaceWarp Records Links & Social Media

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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