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WTB Pleiadians IFO 1997 CD


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I'm looking for it -- >>


Dragonfly Records – bflcd24

Would be good a VG+ or NM, but I'm not interested in re-surfacing/polished copy.

I can pay a 'median' price ~ €32

Pm me, if you have a offer.


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5 hours ago, technosomy said:

i would be trying to get the dat reissue, superior in every way

I agree well worth it. For me this re-issue alongside the Etnica Live In Athens 1996 and the Crop Circles-Tetrahedron vinyl 2019 re-issue (with the bonus tracks.)

Are like the Goa Trance equivalent to the LOTR extended editions lol. :D All tha extra goodies… a holy trinity!


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On 3/31/2022 at 2:23 AM, Paul Eye said:

How is 3 CDs of garbage better than 1 CD of garbage?

Maia , Electra, etc especially 'Alcyone' as garbage ?   maybe just too complex for your primitive brain.. go listen minimal techno, that is your level

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I do remember when I first heard Pleiadians, I didn’t quite understand what the fuzz was all about. But after a while I started to appreciate their organic and very raw sound more. It’s bit punky almost, which to me personally these days, in comparison to the super clean(almost sterile) modern sound. Can be quite a nice contrast. Everything has its time, its audience and above all hopefully something unique which sets it apart.

Besides all the superficial aspects of music, such as perceived sound quality etc. These old albums to me have something more important. They had a message, which why they made such an impact.

Whatever one might think of the music, it did contribute to the scene and influenced the styles we hear today. So all the classics have their legacy.

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  • 5 weeks later...

It felt like magic getting that album on physical the first time. I'm stunned the remastered version has been completely sold out as well and there are apparently no plans for re-release.

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