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Kaiju Lounge: Been Here Before - Classic-style Psytrance, Goa Trance

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Kaiju Lounge takes you on a journey where the past and the future intertwine. Come surf waves of psychedelic, aetheric trance with us.


Deimos - Doomsday Funk  00:00
Space Vibes System - Space Energy  07:10
Cosmic Dimension - Another Species  17:00
Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls  22:22
Psysutra - Been Here Before  30:30
Cybernetika - Eclipsis (Cycle Mix)  40:10
Paramatma - Rama  49:13
Uranus Titania - Sat Ura Neptun  55:45
The Muses Rapt - The Fool  01:01:20
Qlipadelic Rythm - Sand Storm  01:08:12
Pandemicus - Out Of Space  01:14:50
Space Vibes System - Galactic Tribes  01:22:04

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