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Psylicious Radio presents: Patronus Records ft; Daginga - Yuki-T - Tundra

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Welcome to our monthly special edition of Psylicious Radio, where we join collaborative forces with record labels and boost their Bandcamp Friday!

Patronus Records was founded in 2018. The initial idea was to build the record and event-label together in joined forces. Part of the team was and still is: Cedric Marugg aka Xed as the head of the endeavour, MihelKreiliger aka Mirror Engine and Jamin Coray aka Yaroc/Sel7am as sustaining forces.

Having successfully organized many beautiful events and released countless amazing music by talented, upcoming as well as established artists we continue on gathering experience to make our own footprint in rave-culture.

All of this, we try to fuel by the ideals and values we live by, in hope to create something beautiful and meaningful.
Nothing is more precious than being present in the moment and experiencing it so it can fuel and inspire taking on the challenges of everyday live. Putting strong emphasis on a peaceful and joyful atmosphere in the scene, we strive to compensate the artists as much as possible for their essential contribution and offer all the work to elevate the arts to the heights they deserve. We highly value structured and clean events for guest, artist and environment alike and without compromise.

Being a reliable partner and provider is an invaluable trait we are known for and always try to improve on. Looking into the future with hope, energy and enthusiasm is the only way.


DAGINGA [Patronus Recs] CH
Daginga, based in switzerland, is a funny guy and fuck his sets are phenomenal! First meeting him in an underground rave his mixes already started to stick out.
After completely transforming the dancefloor at the legendary Mountain Experience into a paradise at sunrise, we knew we had to get him into the team.
Exploring more on the side of techno or zenosque psychedelia, Da motherfuckin Ginga surprises time and time again with flawless transitions, compositions and selection.
This shit will make you grind your teeth, no joke. Prepare for unrelenting continuous flow, eerie sounds and heavy bass.

Tracklisting Played

1. Psychedelic Airlines - Sneaky Voodoo
2. Swamp Zone - Slip Hypnotic
3. Roll Call - Sensient
4. The Birds and the Bleeps - (Hypnotic Peafowl RMX)-Ryanosaurus
5. Karst Relief - Sekoya
6. Eternity - VORG
7. Wadio Raves - Psydewise
8. Acaso - Alchemy Circle
9. Post Liberal - Airi
10. Broken Morning - Diffus
11. Apex - Radioactive.Cake
12. Grimer - Evil Oil Man
13. Stolen Patterns - (Gahara RMX)-Hellquist&Sneryck
14. Lama Crisis - Stereo Dots
15. Mind Manifesto - Alchemy Circle
16. Stereonite - Space Organ Vs. Gahara
17. The Jabberwock - Alchemy Circle
18. Reverso - Mogwai
19. Fuck with the Android - (Sumerian Droids RMX)-Hypogeo
20. Stellar Madness - Meander&Aristides
21. Consorzio Pomposa Scacchi - Hypogeo&Brainjam
22. Flight Plan - Airi&Malice in Wonderland
23. Night Reflexor - Golikem
24. Join Us - HoRn
25. Delusions - Sumerian Droids
26. Serious Business - Alchemy Circle
27. Refraction - Mogwai
28. Deafening Strategem - Mojos Ears
29. Mantra Finish Kitchen Finish - Eco Jafar
30. Switch Arms - (Hypogeo RMX)

Soundcloud - Facebook - Website


YUKI-T [Patronus Recs] JP
Based in Japan, straight from Kyōto, Yuuki Takeda is a young psytrance DJ with superb taste and mixing skill.
While his sets are exploding with energy, Yuuki doesn't shy away in mixing fast and blending styles and drops, one after another. Spreading smiles and focused on flow, he will take you with him on his exploration into a driving and deep night-psy universe.


Tracklist Played

1.Human Gods / Slide
2.Al Arrangement / Symbionts
3.Pizzaboy / Labrat, Thelios
4.Dharam Sankat / Vibrant
5.Enter the Dragon / Cronyx
6.Oscillation / TerraHertz
7.Dread People / Chakraview, Moksha Mantra, Brain Parasites
8.Plug Us / Eeriegeist
9.Power Animals / Diksha
10.First Formula / Criok Shatter
11.Tapasya / Chakraview, Cosmic Brahma
12.Fractal Brain / Psycho Noise
13.6903 / Hypnospores, Zigoor (UNR)
14.Warfreaks / Cosmic Illusion
15.Maditate / Billuminati (UNR)
16.Infinity existence / TerraHertz, Dezzert
17.Ster Amoung Us / Galactic Acid
18.NinkyNonk / Shadow Shaman
19.Glitcheese / Synubles (UNR)
20.Wicked Wonderland / Noise Wares, Labrat (UNR)
21.Out Of Control / Andromed
22.Wumbology / TerraHertz, Labrat
23.Scotty Don’t / Twigger (UNR)
24.NN / Xipe Totecs, Andromed (UNR)
25.V.F.E / Galactic Acid
26.Into The Singularity / Kythera (UNR)
27.Xapawiyemeta / BRK
28.Psychamama / Adapa
29.Moving Trees / Eeriegeist
30.Prestidigitation / TerraHertz
31.Apocalypsy / Diksha
32.NN / Wood Warden, Siloka, Hypnospores, Kalicell (UNR)
33.THCHNOLOGIC 2.021 / Twigger
34.Trapped In Jam (Galactic Acid RMX) / Kadum (UNR)
35.Tamagotchi / Whiteloop

Soundcloud - Facebook - Instagram - Website


TUNDRA [Patronus Recs] CA
Born in Canada in 1976 Tundra was raised in a small village in the High Arctic.
Then in 1994 he relocated to sunny Los Angeles and very shortly thereafter discovered Goa Trance while under a full moon in the Mohave Desert. Along his travels he has performed both as a DJ, and in bands, and has shared the stage with recording artists such as Infected Mushroom, Bluetech, Mubali, DJ Jörg, Atmos, Yahel, to name just a few.
Focusing on the more modern sound in psytrance nowadays, his DJ sets stand out, not only because of his pure intention and passion to create a meaningful musical journey for the listener, but also having a great ear and open mind, constantly improving on his selection and searching for the latest and most innovative art to fit into his sets.

1. Gandhabba, Sunday Pirate - Futurismo Tribal (feat. Sunday Pirate) (Original Mix) Reversible Records
2. Mutaliens - Deepfields (Original Mix) Looney Moon Records
3. Spirit Shifter - Yabba Dabba Doo (Original Mix) World People Productions
4. Zeg & Cirizen - Game On (Original Mix) Patronus Records
5. Gandhabba & Seishirou - Water Leak (Original Mix) Kunayala Records
6. Virtual Light, Ninesense - You Have A Glitchy Face This Morning (Prohecht Remix) Reversible Records
7. Mutaliens - Chasm (Original Mix) Looney Moon Records
8. Igor Lse - Scott Le Magnifique (Original Mix) Skygravity Records
9. Digizt - Dirty (Original Mix) World People Productions
10. Black Noise - Ruby Blue (Original Mix) Nordic Aliens Music
11. Xipe Totecs - Break Your Legs (Original Mix) Patronus Records
12. Gizmo - Chiromancy (Original Mix) Bom Shanka Music
13. Blastourist - Cortical Train (Original Mix) World People Productions
14. Aram & Xed - Chant of Astrate (Original Mix) Patronus Records
15. Hydra-E - Wicked Visions (Original Mix) Gandaky Tribe Records
16. Ninesense - Hocus Focus (Original Mix) Reversible Records
17. Groovebox - Smooth Haze (Original Mix) Reversible Records
18. Sense Datum & Gizmo - Techzilla (Original Mix) Bom Shanka Music
19. Cocodrilo, Akromode - Psyco Logical (Original Mix) Purple Hexagon Records
20. Diksha - Apocalypsy (Original Mix) Psylosophia Lab
21. Space Heal - Inner Shadows (Original Mix) Paramystical Records
22. GrooveDrop vs Coska - Psychedelic Experience (Original Mix) Soundblasting Records
23. Nukleall, M-Theory, Stereoxide - Thundernighters (Original Mix) Blacklite Records

Soundcloud - Website

Connect with Patronus Records on...

Website - Bandcamp - Soundcloud - Facebook - Instagram - Beatport - Youtube


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