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Lennielazerbeam "Universal Translator" [SpaceWarp Recs] Out Now!

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Release Date: 2022-03-14
Label: SpaceWarp Records
Catalog: SPARMU001

Buy Here: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload

"Please adjust your Universal Translator, to a language of your understanding", as UK psytrance duo Lennielazerbeam unleash "Universal Translator", their newest release, and latest release on SpaceWarp Records.

"Love and Peace" leads you into this release with an infusion of vox, punchy kicks and deep bass lines that sweep you into a journey of hypnotic psychedelic soundscapes which merge an arrangement of hypnotising hooks and groovy breakdowns. "Love and Peace" is abundant with audio gems that shine and sparkle as it boomerangs its catchy rhythmic harmony throughout.


"Universal Translator" concludes the journey but leaves the listener wanting more as its spacious intro provides an element of mystery just where Lennielazerbeam will take you next? With its deep driving bass lines and up-tempo kick, "Universal Translator", punches through an array of vox, effects and pads that tease and hook you into its breakdown and melodic riffs that are sure to put a smile on your face as your feet dig deep into the trance-floor beneath you. We told you, you would want more. Until next time…


About Lennielazerbeam
Lennielazerbeam were formed in late 97 and gigged extensively in the UK party scene, releasing music on the Equinox Record label  and playing gigs as far and wide as Ibiza, and Japan.
In 2017 they returned to the UK Psytrance scene playing parties and festivals all over the UK and  have been writing ever since, releasing tunes on Tribal Sphere Records, Geomagnetic Records and Metabolizm Records. Taking their influences from psychedelic music old and new.


Join Lennielazerbeam on: Soundcloud - Facebook

Mastering by: Rigel
Artwork: Mick Usher Illustration



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