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Bioscape - Living Connection


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Artist: Bioscape
Title: Living Connection
Label: Gliese 581cz
Date: March, 2014

1. Mountaintop Meditation (66 BPM)
2. Shaolin Cosmos (60 BPM)
3. Not All Who Wander Are Lost (95 BPM)
4. Underwater Bliss (75 BPM)
5. Explore The Night (90 BPM)
6. Biological Harmonies (90 BPM)
7. Everyday Places & Natural Spaces (75 BPM)
8. Amphibian Dreams (90 BPM)
9. Nature Essence (80 BPM)
10. Storm Comfort (80 BPM)
11. Creation Dub (72 BPM)
12. Living Connection (75 BPM)

Reason number 572 why music is better than a baloney sandwich: just because it's old doesn't mean it goes bad. This is Andrew Dyche from Atlanta, GA who is in the business of creating downtempo and ambient chill music for your morning cup of coffee.

And business is good.

Even though Ektoplazm is undergoing what seems to be an eternal rebirth the links are still active, with plenty of music to discover and sample. This was Andrew's debut and as he navigates between the styles of downtempo music I can't help but be overcome with a sense of calm. Deeply relaxing and well produced music which soothes jangled nerves. The production sounds great and it's physically impossible to be stressed when listening to this. Most tracks are medium in length so they don't fall into the pitfall of overlong repetition. And while that is a selling point (clearly not selling if it's free) he doesn't reinvent the wheel.

And that's ok. The dubby bass is prevalent in almost all the tracks, but the star of the show is all the music around that bass. The whole vibe is about slowing things down and seeing all the life in its myriad of forms which surround us, Frogs, birds, insects...The connection. There is some filler and he seems stuck in an algorithm with the way the tracks are constructed. A whole album of similar tracks at this tempo lends itself to becoming becoming background music.

A pretty decent album that you can put on and relax. Maybe you're down  for a nap or it's that first cup in the morning.


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