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Psylicious Radio presents: Suntrip Records ft; Goasis - DJ Ghantt - Haxtraxx - DJ StevO


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This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome the mighty Belgian-based Goa trance label, Suntrip Records, who will be providing you all with some tripped out, sun kissed psychedelic beats that will whip you up into a hypnotic whirlwind on this label showcase - Enjoy!

Suntrip Records was set up in the summer of 2004 by Fabien "Mars" Marsaud, one of the founders of the Psynews.org website and Joske "Anoebis" Vranken, a famous Belgian DJ and party-organiser.

Listen to the show:


GOASIS [Suntrip Recs] AU / DK
Grant Camov has been a key figure in the Australian underground music scene for close to a decade.
With sets spanning from dusty doofed-out dance floors deep in the Australian Outback, to lush Transilvanian mountain valleys, delivering psychedelic hypnosis during pure Goa parties in Belgium, to spinning smooth morning sets at underground forest gatherings on the coastlines of Denmark, to cosy Swedish outdoor midsummer raves, his trademark deejay style has been appreciated by fun loving party freaks the world over.
Happily representing mainstay Goa Trance label Suntrip Records as a label DJ since 2017 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, there are no signs of things slowing down any time soon...

Goasis Track List Played:
01: Cosmosis - Grinderwinder
02: Mr. Peculiar - 1000 Tablets
03: Lunar Plexus - Ugglor I Mossen
04: Saft - Ditt Namn I Min Mun (Hux-Flux Mix)
05: Nervasystem - Liquid Lifeform
06: X-Dream - Electromagnetic
07: Darshan - Tranceformations
08: Omputer - Space Midi
09: Radiation - On The Machine
10: Analog Pussy - Fight To Trance
11: Morphic Resonance - Superior Minds
12: Ugler I Mosen - Rav
13: System Overload - Attack !!
14: Mr. Peculiar - Last Chance


DJ GHANTT [Suntrip Recs] BR
DJ Ghantt started her psychedelic musical journey in 2014 when she fell in love with Goa-trance. This resulted in 2015 in DJ-sets bringing the best Goa Trance to the Brazilian dance floor.
Her mission is clear: bringing a transcendental experience to the dancer! Playing a mix of powerful modern Goa-trance and old style acidic trance she makes sure the dancer will have this unique other-worldly happening!

DJ Ghantt Track List Played:
01: Clementz- Easter Hymn
02: Triquetra - Solar Searcher
03: Celestial Intelligence - Blueberry
04: Hypnoxock - Heaven Can't Wait
05: K.o.b - Folie a Deux
06: Filteria - Bring Everything But Whistles
07: Denshi Danshi - Sukha
08: Median Project - Pnadora’s Box
09: Celestial Intelligence- Forking paths
10: Merr0w- Cephalopod Awareness
11: Shakta- Expedition to Earth
12: Mini Spacer - The Call Of The Whales
13: Dimension 5 - Purple Om
14: Ka-Sol - Dance Of The Locusts


HAXTRAXX [Suntrip Recs] AU
Haxtraxx is a psychedelic and Goa trance Dj from Australia.
In 1994, at the age of 16 he fell in love with psychedelic music and soon after he found himself playing psychedelic / Goa trance at various club venues, underground and community radio programs as well as a few outdoor gatherings.
In 2019 he began his journey in his private studio (a dream he’s had since he was 17 years old) and is now on his way to producing his own flavour of psychedelic music, whilst still trying to preserve and capture some of the essence and soul of the music that first brought him in.
And now, after over a quarter of a century he’s ecstatic to be a part of Suntrip Records as a DJ. Expect full powered psychedelic and Goa trance sets.

Haxtraxx Track List Played:
01: Phant Om X - Rite Shamans
02: Artha - Hall Lux
03: Psysutra - Free and Independant
04: Liquid Flow - Chaotic
05: Uth - Cosmic Fusion
06: Oxi vs Ancient Vision - Balkania
07: Artifact 303 - Open your Eyes
08: Cosmic Dimension - Fabric of Creation
09: Median Project - Mission Adept
10: Atlantis - Come with Peace
11: Clementz - Herlumhei
12: The Maniac - Maha Shivaratri
13: Merrow - Pixelized Sight
14: Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories


DJ STEVO [Suntrip Recs] HR
DJ Stevo is one of the most long-time active Croatian Psy/Goa DJs.
In his career until today - Stevo had the opportunity to present his DJ sets in most major regions of Croatia. He has been part as official DJ of legendary Croatian record label called "Neogoa Records" from its very beginning. Very soon after he got opportunity to play on big 5 days event called "Lost Theory Festival" where he meet Joske "Anoebis" who called him to start as official DJ on his well known Belgian Goa trance label called "Suntrip Records".

DJ StevO Track List Played:
01: Shaolin Wooden Men - Remember The Slime
02: Interstellar Overdrive - Part 3 (Unreleased)
03: Double Dragon - Soft Machine
04: Purosurpo - Derangotango (Derango rmx)
05: Transdriver - Dark Surround
06: Parasense - Microwave
07: Captain Kirk - Skutsifer
08: Imaginary Sight - When Life Breaks Down
09: RioDario & Third Eye Channel - Forbiden Idiology (Unreleased)
10: Moodsyne - Frogs Breath
11: Freaking - Obrigado
12: Morphic Resonance - Hypnoman (Unreleased)  
13: Third Eye Channel - Liars Truth (Unreleased)
14: Goasia - Last Tree On Earth (Unreleased)
15: Genshi - Medicine  

Facebook: BalkanGoaFanatics
Facebook: thirdeyechannelrecords

Suntrip Records Links & Social Media:


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