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Aikahattu 2021 (night time goa trance)

Paul Eye

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After being misplaced/lost for about 3 months, our recording device with all the sets from our party finally showed up this week.
Last year I played a morning set, so a peak/night time set was in order for this year. Unfortunately, now that I've heard the recording, it's not even nearly one of my best sets. The track choices, flow and mixing is weird (and ranges from "passable" to "facepalm" if you ask the perfectionist in me). Also had some technical problems and not much interest in things ending in "trance" these days. Anyway, I still decided that sharing this is better than not, so here it is.

Moon Beasts - On The Prowl
Tristan - Fortean Times
Noosphere - Vector
Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep (Short Mix)
Morphic Resonance - Return Of The Bad Dreamer (Sick Mix)
Pigs In Space - Who Is Feeling Normal?
Xenomorph - Lost In An Old Junkyard
Orichalcum - Where Are You?
Proxeeus - What The Red Glare Meant
Maan - Mother Moss
Triquetra - Forget About The Earth
Proxeeus - Down The Six Thousand Steps
Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward The Future (Hallucinogen Remix)
The Maniac - Effluvium Of K'thun
X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness (Oforia Remix)

YouTube coming later, maybe next week or so.

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