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Infected Mushroom ‎– More Than Just A Name

Magus Knight

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1.More Of Just The Same 7:08 Hi-Tech Psytrance ft WHITENO1SE

2.Only Solutions 5:20 Progressive Psytrance

3.Ani Mevushal 8:51 Hi-Tech Psytrance

4.Symphonatic 8:26 Night Full-On Psytrance Infected Mushroom & Astrix 

5.No Line in MIDI 6:59 Psy-Tech Trance | Suomisaundi

6.Splicon 6:23 Progressive Psytrance

7.Freedom Bill 6:12 Psy-Tech Trance Freedom Fighters & Mr. Bill

8.Infected Megamix 7:49 Psy-Tech Trance

Review in progress

The tracklist is from monstercats own wiki. And according to it Infected Mushroom are doing some Suomisaundi, in the track: No Line in MIDI. Which comes as quite a suprise. I’m not too familiar with the Suomisaundi genre to know how faithfully they might’ve captured some of that genres traits. But I do know that it’s a genre which puts an emphasis on humor. And that’s certainly something that IM do at times.

I Like the artwork which has references to some of their previous albums. It reminds me of their track Institute of Science, with their lab coats. And the vinyl features even more references. I wonder why the alien/mushroom guy made by Tzahi Keshet from the Classical Mushroom album wasn’t included?



This album marks in part a return to the Israeli Full-On styles of early 2000's, and it has some interesting qualities as well some in my opinion lesser ones. This album to me sounds more like it's geared for the dancefloor/EDM crowd/arenas, than it is for home listening. Since there is for example a track with a veeery long build-up. Around a minute long, and that is clearly intended for the dancefloor crowd. Which in EDM these days wants those crazy long and complex build-ups. That is something which interupts the flow for me personally. The good quailities this album has is in its production qualities which are very high, as well as some very slick acidic aspects that reminds me of tracks like Acid Killer. In those brief moments, you'll be instantly reminded of the greatness of such previous styles of IM.

This album is a bit unusual compared to the other main albums of Infected Mushroom, since it contains 6 collabs and one remix by another artist (Astrix) of one of their classical track Symphonatic. This aspect gives this album a bit of variation of course, on the other hand it can feel a bit disjointed since the vision doesn't feel as coherent as previous albums. Maybe that's the point, because looking at the albums track style descriptions on the Monstercat wiki, the album seems to have revolved around various different psy subgenres stylistically. Now let’s break this album down and see if I can recognize the various stylistic elements apparently combined on this album.

The album begins with the track: More Of Just The Same.

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