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Infected Mushroom ‎– Return To The Sauce

Magus Knight

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1 - Flamingo
2 - Manipulator
3 - Return to the Sauce
4 - Groove Attack
5 - Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Remix)
6 - Demons of Pain (Remix)
7 - Milosh
8 - Nutmeg
9 - Liquid Smoke


Review in progress

This album has a couple of cool tracks which I like it's in some parts a return to form in the uptempo psy domain (and one mid/downtempo track Flamingo), the album title suggests a play on words and perhaps a return where it all began (the source) Or is it just IM having fun with words? Looking at some promo material for the album on release seems to indicate booth: "And now, as they are returning to the source, staying true to themselves and their way, with a sarcastic punch in the new album name “Return to the sauce”- they are showing us the 21st century interpretation for psytrance, similar to Infected Mushroom of 18 years ago- but with the newest modern sound." I would like to know exactly which album/or era they had in mind while working on this album. Is it the Gathering? Classical Mushrolm or B.P. Empire era? The track: Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Remix) seems to indicate 1999/The Gathering since it's a remix of Xerox–Gravity Waves (Infected RMX) from that year.

The artwork by Sergey Svistunov aka fear-sAs is one of the most pretty and imaginative artworks I have ever seen. It has a Hollywood level of quality to it. In composition it reminds me a bit of the Classical Mushroom album artwork, on which an alien mushroom entity was standing next to a piano mushroom in a forest. On this cover the setting is somekind of high-fantasy/sci-fi wizard domain. And they are cooking up some weird stuff, it looks like an eye thing suspended in the air above some weird molten-metal-kinda filled cauldron? Indicating perhaps that they’ve just created this device in the pot.

The wizards themselves look very creepy and otherwordly, their eyes look demonic or perhaps alien. So maybe they are in another dimension/world.

This eye-resembling object they handle reminds me of the all-seeing eye device in The Lord of The Rings movie, the so called Palantir. The wizards themselves have a third eye on their foreheads. And they have what looks like fluoro patterns/tattoos? On their faces. and their hands are glowing from perhaps creating or handling this weird illuminaughty eye thingy lol. There are plenty of small details, with some smaller glowing mushroom adorning the rim of the pot. As well as growing close to it. So the fluoro/glowing seems to be part of the theme here. And it works really well, it's a fantasy theme injected with some psy rave deco aesthetics.

The promo for the release parties of this album also put an emphasis on the eyes and glowing theme as well:



The album starts with the track Flamingo, which is a little odd, because it's the type of experimental lower/mid-tempo range tempo track, that they usually finish the albums with. Of course it can work whis way around too, and it's quite common to start with a lower tempo track as intro to an album anyways.



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