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Let's Categorize


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So there may very well be nothing worse than human beings endless quest to categorize everything that language allows us too. And when we run out of language for categories, we make more language! Cool and fun!

So if we could pick any mixture of words to categorize 'new school goa' artists into any group that we wanted, who and where would we put people?

Cosmic Goa
Psy-H Project
Median Project
Nova Fractal

Grimy Goa

Dark/Heavy Goa
Morphic Resonance

Where do people like Ephedra, Innerzone and EVERYONE else fit in the never ending catalogue of categories.

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  • Tsotsi changed the title to Let's Categorize

I basically have two categories, atleast on my computer, old goa and new goa.

They share some basic concepts, but overall quite distinct.

And if one would like to do some more separation. There are some different trends if one look at decades as well.

90s, 00s, 10s and 20s Goa all have their different ideas. Very much colored by the trends of the eras, and also by the instruments/plugins used. The overlap is of course closer if one looks for example in the beginning of the 00’s and compare with the 90’s. But there wasn’t that much Goa produced by then anyways. since the genre kinda died down for a while. And besides the few that did continue to produce goa of the 90’s artists, either adapted more modern ideas, full-on influences in particular. Or stayed largely the same.

Then to break it all down into stylistic categories is a bit of a category nightmare. :P I tried but I feel like it would never be finished. There’s simply too many different subgenres/styles. I think there was a mind-map/style tree made here on the forum before. It was very complex, it would would take a year to write it down. 

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On 10/30/2021 at 9:13 PM, Penzoline said:

I got a new one:

Proxeeus = Cosmic horror goa.


Yes, a perfect mix of... everything. The melodies and the samples from lovecraft... makes it uplifting, mystic, dark and hypnotic. Especially the album "Non-Euclidean Geometry". One of my best albums, no matter if listening with speakers of headphones. For 90 minutes I am far away in another dimension. And many times pressing the repeat button for a even longer trip...

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