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Some ”older” Dark Psytrance with humor/knight theme.

Magus Knight

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So a couple of years ago I was introduced to some rather crisp Psy of the darker variety. It was not the typical generic variant of Darkpsy, nor was it very advanced either. But it had some nice redeeming qualities. It was scaled back, lot’s of tweaked nice sounds. Kinda dry sound image.

All I remember is that it had a cover art with a little caricaturistic silver armor laden knight. This knight had basically a big oversized helmet/head as its body to which arms and legs were attached. (I think) The theme of this album or EP was medieval knights with a comedic dark twist.

I don’t even remember what year I heard it. It might’ve been some Israeli artist.  

So this is not much to go by, hence why I’m having a lot of problems finding the tracks/artist in question. Does it sound familiar? Hola at me. :)

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  • Magus Knight changed the title to Some ”older” Dark Psytrance with humor/knight theme.

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