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VA - Mystika (Triquetra, Shakta, MFG..)

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Well this came out completely left-field




1. MFG - Desert Sun (2019 Retro Remake) - 140 - MASTER 24-bit by MFG 08:13

2. Ohm Mind - Alien Invaders - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:08

3. Laughing Space Devil - C.E.R.N. - 150 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 08:25

4. Triquetra - Acid Boomerang - 150 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 07:50

5. Shakta - Shiva Dance - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:45

6. Morphic Resonance - Jumanji - 142 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 09:53

7. Toi Doi - Trance Ritual (Remastered) - 147 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 08:10

8. Toxeed - Prostration - 148 - MASTER 24-bit by Tim Schuldt 13:43

9. Bonus Track - 147 - Unfinishable Track 24-bit Unmastered - DR_PSY... - Dacid (free) 03:15


This thing sounds really, really good!

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This is a great album loaded with all time great tracks but someone should tell him to tag it “goa”, “goatrance”, and “goa trance” on bandcamp

I missed it for a while until the discogs listing was uploaded

It is listed as “psychedelic goa trance” and “psychedelic goa trance music”. That’s great, but most people probably just put in goa or goa trance or goatrance

I don’t know if it really matters but if he wants to sell all the cd’s, pay the artists, and recoup the money the tags will help



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I am one of those who appreciate deep information, and even I was shocked about the lenght of the promo text on this release :D There is one thing I do not understand tho.. THANKS TO Dr. Spook who runs the umbrella, Geomagnetic Label Group: Why on Spiral Trax? TimeWarp (and Ovnimoon) are the Labels in GEO- that release purer Goa-Trance. Why not there? Anyway, cool you created your own label instead. Best of luck with it's evolution! 

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