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UnityVerse Music presents: Mawru - From Nowhere (LP)

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UnityVerse Music proudly presents the debut album from Russian artist Mawru. This wild mixture of thick basslines and big beats, spiced with ethnic instruments, throat singing and jew's harp is influenced by different cultures such as the peoples of the North, Slavs, Balkans, Eastern and Asian cultures. Out of nowhere and from everywhere at the same time, this album carries the idea of uniting and interpreting music from all over the world. Music is a language that everyone can understand. Let it speak without words.

1. North Call
2. Senokos
3. Anatolia
4. Gypsy Baron
5. Heiya (feat. Irina Nomirovskaya & Abracadaver)
6. Red Sun
7. Mantra
8. Balkanarnia
9. Microtonaliya
10. Mirmulnir (feat. Abracadaver)

Released September 24, 2021



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