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Dirty Friends & Freaks Reloaded - Lamat Records coming soon

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Lamat Records Presents Dirty Friends & Freaks Reloaded 
Label: Lamat Records 
CD: Dirty Friends and Freaks
Format: Digital CD 
Produced by: Dirty Phreak & Friends
Mastered by:  Arcek 
Artwork by: Andrea Hernandez 
Distributed By: Bandcamp, Beatspace, Psyshop
Release Date: Sep 22/2021
 Sample previews

Lamat Records Very Proudly Presents: The Long Awaited CD Dirty Friends and Freaks Reloaded: 

Our next and much expected psychedelic marvel (Produced by Dirty Phreak & Friends)

Hit Play to instantly dive into an immersive experience that taps into the random fluctuations of quantum noises with a realm of aesthetic possibilities. 

These possibilities may seem like an illusion of polyphony or portents of doom but what they actually might be are an out of body experience caused by asymmetric distortions due to dark matter halos, diatonic transpositions and polyrhythmic abstractions.
Confused much? Okay let’s start from scratch...this theory is based on Macro Dynamics which happens when we dream of wires, ultimately tapping into a sequence of switches.
You know what ...just hit Play.

Massive thanks to everybody who support Lamat Records.

Huuuuuuuuge shout-out to all the artists involved, for the time it took us to create these masterpieces which shall last for infinity in the halls of time.


1) Dirty Phreak & Nilla - Portents of Doom – 172 bpm
2) Dirty Phreak & Btoxik – Illusion of Polyphony – 170 bpm
3) Dirty Phreak & Gotalien – Out of my Body – 175 bpm
4) Dirty Phreak & Tzolkin Project – Asymmetric Distortion -  178 bpm
5) Dirty Phreak & Alien Chaos – Black Hole Harmonics – 182 bpm
6) Dirty Phreak & Extraterrestrial – Dark Matter Halo – 183 bpm
7) Dirty Phreak & Arcek  - Diatonic Transposition - 183 bpm
8) Dirty Phreak & Insector - Polyrhythmic Abstraction – 185 bpm
9) Pharmacological Evangelists – Macro Dynamics - 194 bpm
10) Dirty Phreak & Metaform  - We Dream Of Wires – 198 bpm
11) Dirty Phreak &  Kliluk & Zer -  A sequence of switches – 200 bpm

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Dirty Phreak fan page


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