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Video Interviews with old school Goa Trance producers

Magus Knight

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Feel free to contribute with whatever video or audio interviews you happen to know about, with Old School Goa veterans. Always interesting with some insight from the pioneers of the genre, I'll start with this interview with MFG I stumbled upon recently. In which they tell the whole story of their musical journey. And even plays the first demo they sent to Phonokol Records. And also plenty of unreleased tracks and alternate versions.


And this interview and studio clip with Astral Projection:


Interview with Xerox, MFG & Sandman:


Interview with Simon Posford/Hallucinogen:


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Well there is the GoafreakscomTV on youtube. XP Voodoo talking with some guys from the scene.


DJ Domino is doing some amazing stuff on instagram, you don't need an account to see it, Youth, Ree K, Oforia, Sandman. Tsyoshi, Solitare and more.


Oh... Son Kite did some videos also. Not that I like them, but interesting.



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Cool thanks for the links, the first one with Kox Box. Reminds me of the type of interviews, that used to be included, on Psytrance festival DVD’s. I think there was some interviews on the Samothraki Festival DVD? And Full Moon Festival or something. :) 

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1 hour ago, staffan said:

Haha yes, like the legendary X-Dream from Karahana.

Many years later Atmos and Captain Hook sampled the interview in this track. :D



Ah yes good old Karahana :D I need to watch it again, was many years since last time. I always remember the very positive vibes, that Juan/The Muses Rapt gave in that documentary. And also MFG playing When We Dream live. Good stuff.

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I found an older interview with Hallucinogen I hadn't seen before. I don't know how to link to the exact time stamp?

But it's at the 48.55 mark, and it touches upon some aspects of the Psytrance scene which I still think are valid. I think the interview is interesting in retrospect, since he talks about the Hallucinogen project and were he thought it was heading. He obviously seemed a bit uninspired by the scene at that time. And I would imagine that one could get a bit overexposed to the scene as a touring live-act as well.


Interview part 2:


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Random radio interview I found with Miranda and perhaps DJ Lazar? From 1998  It's in Serbian/English and some Swedish:


Where they discuss the at the time recently released track Year 2000 and the concept of the track.

And also a live set from a club/venue hosted by Technokratia, the track Year 2000 is played.


For some reason the audio disappears when watching in the web browser for me, but downloading the clips works if that occurs. Should be uploaded to youtube I think.  

Kinda cool always thought this was a studio photo, but it was from this live event:



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