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Spindrift - Planetary Relations (Resonantearth 2021-06-26)

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There's a sense of true trust that comes in the Psychedelic Trance releases by Leo aka. Spindrift. I like a lot the EP https://spindrift1.bandcamp.com/album/madfunktion-ep and being a fan of it I should also soon buy his Deep Nature album .. ! I bought the album announced in this thread unheard, and i do like the Teaser.. It did give me a bit of Steptime / Ørebro Freakfactory vibe, which is fun. This album is prop. different then the Deep Nature album being more space disco oriented in it's coverart than the deep nature thing going on in the mentioned ep and lp. 

e. the Madfunktion EP (inside the portal) and the Deep Nature LP (on the way to the portal) are a cool couple. And Deep Nature sounds even better than the EP .. .. I'm very excited to hear the full Planetary Relations when it is finally released. <(")

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Be careful what you wish for :) It might be your fault if you suffer from Spindrift overdose in the future!
Apart from constant stream of new tracks there are plans to release a double album with selected old but remastered spindrift tracks that never saw a proper release.

To get a taste you can check in this evening on strummerradio.com at 22:00 GMT+3, see https://www.facebook.com/Old.Dogs.woof for details.
Set will contain a bunch of unreleased tracks from mid 90's and early 00's.

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Haha, man, that is great news! I don't mind a little Spindrift OD here and there :lol: 

I love those old tracks to bits, so a remastered high sound quality release sounds bloody awesome :blush:

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