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I'm trying tio find the ,,original" track, the one that might have inspired a lot of chords (not copyrighted)

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Hei alle sammen, I've been trying to catch the original for a while but forgot about it until a friend of mine sent me a track he made that re:reminded me of my task. 

3 chords maybe, F A D maybe? *I'm not a musician, just got a good ear and DJ.

I can give you some examples of tracks that highly remind me of the ,,original" track. The original track might be a Disco track. 

I don't think it's a Donna Summer track but for sure it's in the same spirit .. 

So O.K. example number 1: Solar Fields - Kick Back @ 01:28 >> https://solarfields.bandcamp.com/track/kick-back

Example number 2, a bit vague but still it reminds me of the ,,original": 0:09 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTJtI6kV2LM&t=7s

And there are many many more tracks out there that use those chords that remind me so strongly of the ,,original" that might be a Disco tune, and might also be a trance tune from the 90's. So OK if you know do tell :) And if you know of other examples, do share! 

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^ Wow, from 1980,  that is defo the same chords, and YES the lyric my mind tryed to recollect! Thanks!! .. It might even be The Original? I guess what I have heard is a 90s dancetrance version. Ppl post more Fade to Grey "remixes" plz, and if anyone know of a track using those uplifting chords Before 1980, do share :)

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Wunderbar ja, what a nice lift that melodic line is. Surely this is The Original, unless someone brings forward something even older.

A friend of mine mentioned that "the problem" is that melodies are copyrighted but not chords, and melodies can not be copyrighted if they count as .. being Scale Race? It's interesting anyway, and big ups and much kudos to the originators out there, where ever the originate actually started. ""We're All Inspired""



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Yeah, melodies are more unique, but there are certain chord progressions that work well, so they get used a lot!  Look up Axis Of Awesome - Four Chord Song :-)


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