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On 7/29/2021 at 3:55 PM, GhostOnAcid said:

What do you mean with club trance? Uplifting trance? Talla 2XLC? :lol:

Club Trance = Uplifting in the sense of sounding contrived, formulaic, more typical and conventional (not taking risks or allowing for greater innovation as a whole to distinguish itself) trance.

PS:  Sorry for the late reply GhostOnAcid. I was locked out of my account for some time, felt inspired after a while to create the new password when I had more free time and saw your response. I've been immersed in post-production for a film I'm editing.

Some of my other thoughts...

Some of the album is less conventional and shares influences to his previous work. And IMO he went too Full On here at times, though there's some great yet there's some track(s) and moments of tracks mentioned throughout the tread. Regarding going too Full On as some have said, my suggestion is to split the difference.

Also I'd consider the general consensus- tracks people really like vs don't like or like less, with make adjustments for the next album.

I love Unidentified and I really like Astral Traveler's second, especially third act, Summer Storm, Solar Wardenand Secret Spaces are good too IMO.

I just don't want to see this artist turn into another Full On commercial (by the numbers, predictable and typical sounding a la  Talamasca. It's important to be mindful of one's inspiration for growth, expanded growth and development(!), imagination and standards for greatness. I get what sells and we also seem to agree (generally speaking) on what's catchier whereas some tracks have split consensus. He's still producing music that's entertaining, fun,  and engaging thankfully, if not as consistently for as many in the more imaginative Goa realm, and that's fine to some degree if it's good!

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