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Psylicious Radio presents: DJ EdStorm - Djane Roch - Megapixel


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This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome back UK based, DJ EdStorm and Canadian based Djane Roch, both familiar names on Psylicious Radio.
Closing this week’s show, we present Australian-based Grasshopper Records label DJ Megapixel, who will leave you hopping mad for more as she whips up a psychedelic storm!

Listen to the show: [Click Here & Play]

DJ EdStorm is Son of Craig (Prognosis), Jake absolutely loves Psytrance and as EdStorm has played in Germany and Equinox festival.

Mixcloud | Hearthis | Mixlr

Roch is an Ontario based psytrance DJ who loves sharing the higher frequencies through music and dance.

Soundcloud | Instagram Facebook

MEGAPIXEL [Grasshopper Recs] AU
Megapixel (aka Megumi Fletcher) is Melbourne based DJ and representative for Japanese label Grasshopper Records. Megapixel has established herself as a solid edition to any psychedelic line up, whether playing on a dusty bush dance floor or at a sweaty local nightclub. Playing at festivals such as Ozora, Sunshine, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Babylon, Subsonic, Dimension and headlining events in Japan, Portugal, Hungary and New Zealand, Megapixel preferring to keep her sets versatile can be heard laying down funky and fun sets for the daytime, or a more serious, twisted and solid sound for the night time setting.

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Grasshopper Records Facebook | Grasshopper Records Website

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Psylicious Radio Links

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/psyliciousradio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psyliciousradio
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Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PsyliciousRadio

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