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Christian Thinning aka Elysium / Sheyba / Vaporized leaves the psy trance scene


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On 6/9/2021 at 8:55 PM, RTP said:

To me that just seems to be his style :lol: ... I read enough of the threads back then and almost everywhere there was beef ... honestly, this is one of the fewer threads about or with him that have not yet turned into a flame / warn / ban fest (and I credit everybody for that) ... but whether my memory is right or not doesn't change the fact that I never understood him - which is why I rarely argued in those threads, because the only thing that could become of it is beef, actually.

I have to give Kristian credit though for two things: his amazing music - and the sheer power to completely derail the peace on this forum every once and a while :blink:

"Drama, baby" :D



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Who's to say he's not a member here now, posting and avoiding going into conflicts as he used to do? 

Except for the Teleportation album by MWNN, this was the first Goatrance track I heard while knowing what genre i was listening to. And I had no clue about psychedelics or drugs in general. I was then a teen.


I didn't like it. And it took me 3-4 years to rediscover the genre and realize that i absolutely loved it. I was then no longer a teen. #ClassicalMushroom

e. Being now older and more experienced, the track is better than what I back then percieved it to be.

And I have to admit that in the drama hey-days, I actually avoided reading any of it. Good on me eh. In celebration of this, here is one of the most boring tracks eva (so boring it's not even on YT?): Elysium Vs. Space Cat – Dub Connection

Here's my review of it on the Quality Relaxation VA from 2005...: T8. Yet another track by Elysium, but this time in collaboration with the Israeli producer Space Cat. The track ‘Dub Connection’ is the brother of their release on the compilation ‘Life Is…’, ‘Liquid Dub Connection’. These two tracks are both beautifully made, but it’s not completely my cup of tea. I really do enjoy 'Liquid dub Connection', but this release seems a tad boring in my ears. Elysium delivers us on this compilation a very strong track, maybe one of the best on this album. But in collaboration with Space Cat he delivers also one of the weakest tracks. The track on “Life Is…” suits me better.

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Did someone mention politics and music?

I was about 13 years old when this amazing album was released #) 

I was about 15 when this granade LP was released ^=^ <3 


This band that was before KoRn and Limp Bizkit, and after Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine .. are 2 Swedish & 2 Norwegian guys who formed the genre Nu-Metal, but get's just about zero creds for it. Which annoys me. 



I was about 25 when this album marked (at least for me) a change in Psytrance not longer being free from politics https://www.discogs.com/Vegetal-Free-Thinkers-Are-Dangerous/release/687649


I was about 32 when this shocker got released, and times had most def changed https://www.discogs.com/Dark-Whisper-Spirit-Of-An-Age/release/3942774


Before there was Infected Mushroom's Release Me .. Which i didnt take as being political before many years had passed. Politics hides inside the strangest places, especially for someone ,,ignorant" like moa (me). 


I do wonder if Mr. Thinning enjoys a bowl of oCeLoT:


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Man, I haven't logged in months and the very first topic that I see is EP stating he's leaving the scene. It's like I've been transported back to 2003. Or 2005. Or 2008. Or every year cause that's what EP does. 

Biggest drama queen of our scene.

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On 7/3/2021 at 1:07 PM, Ormion said:

Biggest drama queen of our scene.

Indeed, that is his title and it stays even while he leaves the scene :P 

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