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If your looking for Fluffy Progressive Psychedelic Trance then come and check out Absolute Psy - Set 5 Up on Mixcloud now!

Continuing absolute psy's homage to the psy scene, I am happy to share with the world “Set 5 - Fluffy Psychedelic trance 140 – 142”. Coming out strong of the gates we have Protonica - Kalki Remix, and it doesn't stop there, no no, following through shortly after that we have Formula None into Ace Ventura & Animato, this slams over to Astrix & Rising Dust, keeping it alive we have Vertical mode & Ace Ventura, making you jump up harder than ever before Astrix - Bliss Remix, bring you back on track is Lifeforms, then raising the awareness is Ace Ventura & Vertical Mode, flipping it over to my good friends Mechanimal - Audiofire remix and keeping the party alive till the very end Alpha Portal & Burn In Noise, so in a nut shell this is one fluffy ride show you don't want to miss.

Track list and times:
00.00 Protonica - Exoplanet (Kalki Remix)
07.39 Formula None - From Within
12.06 Ace Ventura & Animato - Moments of Ecstasy
17.50 Astrix & Rising Dust - Universo
23.45 Vertical mode & Ace Ventura - Vertical Ace
29.25 Astrix - Beyond the Senses (Bliss Remix)
37.16 Lifeforms – Agitation
44.15 Ace Ventura & Vertical Mode - Space of Awareness
50.27 Mechanimal - Unity (Audiofire remix)
55.55 Alpha Portal & Burn In Noise - Omnia



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