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Classic Goa Trax

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I always posted the updates in the Suntrip topic, but I will split them now. They are not always that involved! So, we are at release 50 now! Many more coming of course :) For now I can announce the real Classic Goa Trax playlist on youtube as well! (we also have one on spotify). If you are into supporting the artists big time, please buy the music on bandcamp still, as the income is probably 10000 times bigger as a stream (seriously!) :)

Youtube playlist :) 


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Last week we did something out of the ordinary! :) Our first ambient release: Old school psychedelic ambient was not big in the 90s, but many of the goa-trance artists back then also had their chilly side! In this case we will explore the ambient/downtempo/acid/idm-side of German Xploring Inner Space! They are known for their banging acidic underground style, and thei ambient is equally interesting for sure! :) If you feel like relaxing a bit after all the madness we released before... This is the way to go!




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And, another update about Tim Schuldt! :)

We have the great news we will release a CD-album on our partent-label Suntrip Records with his most hard to get tracks and some unreleaseds of the 90s! All remastered by himself.

The ones that did not make it on the CD will all be digitally re-released here on Classic Goa Trax. And we will start with a first single collection next tuesday!

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Tim Schuldt is known for his harsh, straightforward rocking goa-trance with a psy-trance/technoid edge! In this new Single collection on the bandcamp of Classic Goa Trax you will find all his compilation solo tracks made between 1997 and 2001 under his Tim Schuldt name! They got a light new treatment by Kobi Harosh. The last single collection will include all his acid-goa-trax and will follow in september! Rock on!




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Underhead, the collaboration between Virtuart & Jeff Mk-Ultra from France, released a lot of vinyls and single back in the 90s! Their wonderful melodic morning trance brings people into a warm, beautiful dimension for decades now! On the bandcamp of Classic Goa Trax you have a new single collection including 2 never before released tracks! Nameless Booster and the Earlyrise mix of Shubata!
Olivier Abitbol (Virtuart) remastered the tracksll! Step into this spectacular time machine and fly with us!


1. Skuff 1 - 06:18

2. Shubata - 06:24

3. The 25th Code - 07:40

4.Nameless Booster - 09:41

5. Le P'tit Matos - 06:57

6. Unify Feeling - 07:44

7. Orejuna - 10:52

8. Whirlrain Of Water - 06:54

9. Whirlrain Of Fire - 05:58

10. Shubata (Earlyrise Mix) - 04:26



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And after Bypass Unit, another release on Classic Goa Trax! :) 

Tim Schuldt is known, but his old school aliases are maybe even more known! For many years he made old styled acid-trance & goa-trance under so many names. Mama Indica, Talking Souls & Mono Substance are probably the most known, but there are more. In this single collection we focus on his 'hidden' alter egos only! You can both discover his more pure acid-goa crossover style he used to produce in the mid 90s and his more intense and heavy music he will start to produce in the later 90s. The tracks are lightly remastered by Kobi Harosh. You may have noticed some tracks are not included... Well, thats because in 2022 Suntrip Records will release a cd & LP of Tim Schuldt with never before released tracks of him, different versions and remasters he did from his old DATs. Follow Suntrip to know more about this.




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