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Track ID for 2003-ish Psytrance

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I've been digging in those old folders where I still have some tracks left that I never bought since discovering back in the early 2000s [1] but am still looking to. I stumbled on this one that I have labeled as "Bamboo Forest - Joystick", and recently memo604 have released Bamboo Forest on Bandcamp. Well, turns out that label is wrong (as are many files that I still have from the filesharing days). The style certainly fits, but I couldn't identify this track among the memo604 releases, so chances are it's a different artist even.

This sample contains only 30 seconds, but it should be enough to identify for any of you who know it. I'll remove it once identified):

I like it a lot, does anybody know it?

[1] Feel free to judge, but in the past decade I've been catching up by collecting around 200 CDs plus plenty of digital releases. It takes time!

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