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Dominant Space - Imagination [Otographic 2021]


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Project : Dominant Space

Title : Imagination

Format : EP

Genre : Full-on, Uplifting, Hard Trance

Label : Otographic Music

Release date : 03/29/2021


Otogragraphic is a Japanese label specialized in high quality Uplifiting and Hard Trance, so I was surprized to see that they issued a psy-oriented release. However, we shall notice that the Japanese EDM scene is very versatile and many projects can produce their music in all sorts of styles. So, let's talk about this EP.

Dominant Space was formed in 2017 by progressive house artist Yuji Ono and DJ masa8. Their style is a blend of European uplifting trance, hard trance and psytrance.

There are only two tracks in this EP : an original track, and its remix.

Imagination is a song without an introduction. It's a direct full-on blast with a massive full-on bassline similar in style to the current-day Perfecto Records releases and other British-based labels. The psychedelic build-up leads to an enthralling Goa moment at 01:48 that is well appreciated. Then it becomes pure uplifting trance with an exciting and passionate atmopshere preceding a flow of acid loops. The track ends as abruptly as it starts, but it doesn't need an intro or outra. It's a powerful piece of trance that's convincing both on the psychedelic and uplifting side. It is very satisfying to listen to.


Taishi's remix is more of a psy-influenced piece of hard trance. It is a bit slower and more progressive, and the track is noticeably shorter, but the special effects are heavy, being very raw and loud. Taishi's remix brings at the same time more brutality and subtlety to the track, by deepening the atmopshere and using screaming synths at the same time. The drop at 03:15 is absolutely insane and its like a tsunami of madness. This is exactly what i like about the Japanese EDM scene : they are very passionate and overflowing with energy that they push to the limits. (Early Jikooha is a good example of that.) That's the kind of daring spirit that we in Europe shall get inspired from, so the more that the Japanese are massively influenced by our own scene that they emulate at perfection, and in fact, they are often better at what we do than ourselves.


It's a nice, well-made EP that'll fill you up with energy.

Beatport link : https://www.beatport.com/release/imagination/3301077

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