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Ohm Mind & Proxeeus - Beyond Our Dreams [Ohm Vibrations 2021]


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Projects : Ohm Mind & Proxeeus

Title : Beyond Our Dreams

Format : EP

Label : Omh Vibrations

Genre : Goa Trance

Release date : 04/21/2021


Dear Lord, that cover art is ugly. It looks as cheap as a counterfeit EDM album printed in a obscure Chinese warehouse by fake producers.

I mean, the guys just typed « forest » and « nebula background » on Google Pictures and mashed it together before stamping two pics of the Moon onto it like kids stamping stickers on a fridge. You've got to be damn sure of your musical content to not give a fig about your presentation.

And oh my, the music does it. It makes you forget about their lazy taste in visual art. It just works.

This EP is a collaboration between Jérémy Cambon aka Ohm Mind, from Brussels, Belgium, and Jérôme Lesterps aka Proxeeus, citizen of Orléans, France. They share the same taste for acidic Goa trance and have been in touch for quite a few years already. It is written on their Bandcamp page that this EP was conceived as a well-kept surprise. Now, what's inside the package ?

Inside you will find three very groovy Goa songs that will make you happy.

Alien Intelligence can be described as simple and efficient in design. The melodies, the intro, the climax are all very common, but they do the work. However, the bassline is terrific. It doesn't sound that different from your average neo goa sound, but there is a subtle difference that makes of it something special. It sounds more like a fat piece of techno noise rather than full-on or Goa. It is a heavy, heavy bassline that gives gravity to the whole song, and the melodic elements are more like salt and pepper. It's pumping relentlessly like some sort of heavy machine. I like it very much.

Beyond Our Dreams has a nice acidic intro, and it also has a magical tech-ish, dirty bassline. There is not much to add to the commentary, since it greatly resembles the previous track, if not that they made more efforts on the melodies. There are nice distorted, twisted riffs and raw acidic effulgences that are all pretty nice and effective.

Brainwashing is the hilight of this release. It's more full-on-ish, but also darker and more twisted. It succesfully creates a cyberpunk atmosphere that goes well with its track title. A cold bassline, sinister ambient layers, acidic modulations all depict a dark rusty place full of misery and digital dreams. It's like the feeling of being trapped in the depths of some hive city and paying a dubious guy to have some weird psycho memories implemented into your sick brain or something. I will not go as far as saying that this is a masterpiece, but it's the kind of track that make the genre evolve, or at least, still alive and kicking.


As I said above, it's simple and elegant. The bassline is the very good point of Beyond Our Dreams, and Brainwashing stands out with its special cyberpunk atmosphere. Solid. As they say in France, c'est de la bonne.

Now, you can have it for the price of your regular French pastry, and it's just as fat, so go buy it.

Bandcamp link : https://ohm-mind.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-our-dreams-ep

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Thank you very much for your review :) I will work more on the design in the futur :+1:

Happy that your favorite is Brainwashing, it's surely something different and new, we enjoyed a lot to produce this one togheter :wub:

Keep trancing B)

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