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Ziptnf - Reality Fission [full power psytrance]


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Every now and then I get the hankering for some high energy shit. With my hands full at work and with life, I had to throw this together quickly. I feel bad for the 99.9% of Artists who spend a lot of time producing music only for me to listen to .1 seconds of the song before deciding whether or not it's worth buying. Sadly, that's what it's like searching for music in this genre. It's mostly boring and uninspired. The tracks that made it on this mix grabbed my attention immediately. Hopefully this will at least showcase some of the powerful, unique artists who go unnoticed in a dying genre.

X-Side & Avan7 - Eleven Dimensions [180 Degrees]
Mad Tribe - 10 Billion Doses [DM7]
Spatial Plants & Critical Selection - Plumbum [Blacklite]
Spectre & Warp Drive - The Simulation [PsynOpticz]
Artifex - Shrooms [Art-X]
The Concept Nemesis - From Inside Out [Lysergic]
Stereopanic - Imaginary Friends [Mechanik]
X-Side - Emergency Broadcast [Mechanik]
Panayota - Oxygen (X-avenger Remix) [Free Minds]
Roby & Tetrikal - Heavy Bombs [MMD]
Acyd System - Distorted Time [Terror Hippie]
Stereopanic - Dream Layer [MMD]
Hydroxide & Trhip - A Dead Dreamer [Mechanik]
Alienn - Yeah Science [Kaos Krew]


left-click to download:
Ziptnf - Reality Fission (1:19:32) 175MB ~320 kbps

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