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AI will generate the music we dream of

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Many of you have already heard about the AI that generated new music inspired by Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix:


It actually sounds pretty good.

Imagine if we were to throw psy trance at an AI and make it generate the albums of are dreams! What unreleased albums do you dream of?

The most obvious are of course Hallucinogen 3 and the new Astral Projection album.

What if we were to make it listen to two (or more) of our favorite acts and have it generate that collaboration we have always hoped for:

  • Hallucinogen vs Process, and create that Beast album we all dreamt of
  • Man With No Name vs Mindsphere
  • Dimension 5 vs Mindsphere
  • Ubar Tmar vs Orichalcum
  • Quirk vs Rip van Hippy

Have it analyze the music of Brainman and finally reveal who is behind that act!

The possibilites are endless!!!

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Infected Mushroom's 3rd album in a more direct direction from their 1st and 2nd would be cool. Call me when it's done :)

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Very interesting!

Of course also Metal Sharon, The Unstables (Goblin + Pixel), MWNN + Electric Universe, Beat Bizzare + Sensient or Pspiralife, Schuldt + Tristan, Green nuns + Koxbox etc!

Also sounds interesting Infected Mushroom (old era) + Sandman

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