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Psylicious Radio presents: BARBY - ODEN - DJ PHASE1

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This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome onto the show from Ovnimoon Records & Barby Records,
BARBY with DJ sets from Blue Hour Sounds producer and DJ, ODEN and we welcome back Patronus
Records label DJ, DJ PHASE1.


<<<< Listen to the show here. >>>>


BARBY [Ovnimoon Records / Barby Records] CH
Barby has been producing and playing chill-out and psytrance in Chile for more than 20 years.
Affiliated to Ovnimoon Records, he also created his own free-download net-label, Barby Records.

Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Mixcloud


ODEN [Blue Hour Sounds] FI
Finland based DJ and producer Oden has been playing and producing music since the mid- nineties
at prestigious venues such as Provinssirock, Konemetsä, Alppimuisto and Kosmos Festival.

Oden is well known for representing the leading psytrance organisation Original Pranksters for
years. Oden’s psychedelic trance driven sets are in high demand in Finland since his unique
capability of mixing his own music among his favourite tunes made by other pre-eminent musicians.

Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Bandcamp | Bandcamp


DJ PHASE1 [Patronus Recs] DK
DJ PHASE1 is a psytrance DJ from Denmark. His favourite genre is Night Psy in the bpm range of
148-154 bpm. PHASE1 has been into all kinds of electronic music from an early age.

He learned to mix at age 13 when he played at the local youth club for a few years. He later on
bought a pair of turntables and a mixer and continued to develop his skills on vinyl and later
on CDJ´s.

From the age of 15 he started playing outside his bedroom. He discovered the psychedelic scene
in 2005 and found that it touched him like no other music.

Since 2005 his favourite music style has been Nightpsy and Fullon. Since 2020 PHASE1 has been
signed at Patronus Records. In 2020 PHASE1 released 2 compilations. 'VA - THE FIRST PHASE' and
'VA - THE SECOND PHASE'. A third compilation is scheduled for release in July 2021.

Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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