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Artists: Various
Title: organic Fractal Vol.1
Label: Shemballa Records
Release: 1st March 2021
Compiled By: Royroy & Majinaor

First release from new label who said fuck it, if Shamballa Records is taken, we will just be Shemballa Records. Hell yea, I feel that energy.

Is there such a thing as too many labels? I wouldn't be so sure.

With some familiar names to kick things off they got me on their side.


1. Astrogano - Kind Of Redemption?
2. Sykespico - Energy Of The Universe
3. Quantum Dynamics - Apollo
4. Cypher - Rave Movement
5. Event Horizen - Letting Go
6. Fuzzonaut - Heykhan Ze Hadavar
7. GoAtmika - Came To Me In A Dream
8. Laughing Skull - Highway To Hell
9. Majinaor - Inspire The Liars

New label on the scene who kicked things off with a pre-order. I like their confidence, they clearly have the channels to reach people who like good things.

Only listened to the first two tracks so far but it's well mastered and tracks were fun.


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