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I SEEK LABEL rrelease my tracks.

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Medium style of dance goa trance used yamaha ex5

2. Japan 1

Japan style techno track made by sy99

3. Tanzen 1

Euro German style techno track awesome.

3. Love Love

made at 1999 summer rave techno track.

4. Kreischen

Made at 1998 yamaha sy99 hardcore techno track.

5. 33338UK

Man With No Name style goa trance track.

There track I want to contract to any label.

Please listen and contact to me.

I want to contract any label release my tracks.



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Don't wanna make shameless self-promotion, but you can release via "RTP Records" ... I'd be up for an EP of you = two tracks which I'd have to pick ... although I can not really pay you anything at the moment as I spent all money on the new speakers :D
If we get a SIGNIFICANT amount of revenue on Spotify or other platforms from YOUR RELEASE, I'd be up for sharing the profit. We can make a contract if you want, so you're covered...

Just state your conditions :)

That offer is valid for other stuff from you too btw ... I read here that you got enough material :D ... just send me some tracks if you like, you can find me on Soundcloud anyways, private tracks on that platform are the BEST for prelisten and will guarantee that you'll stay in control...

I'd like to call the release "The Mysterious NHJO HYENNRO" - that's the only thing I'd (kinda) want, I already say that.

Your release will look like THIS on Spotify:

Hot or not for you? :P

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Yes - I'll be up for it and write to you!

I'll be so curious how this turns out :D

Edit: Mail went out ... I'll be so kind and keep you ppl posted if there really will be something :)

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  • 2 months later...

No news so far anymore :(

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So pre-orders canceled I suppose? :(;)

Btw RTP, you're a legend now. Since from what I can recall, this is the only thread ever where NHJO has replied to anyone. :o

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