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Tongas - Dragonfly effect (LSD.039) Killer Free Dark Forest E.P.

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The butterfly and the dragonfly crossed paths at the river's delta. "To where ye be goin'?" Asked the butterfly.. "Left!" Replied the dragonfly.. "No i mean right!!" "Left!" "No, right!".. she kept shouting hysterically on and on.. "This way I'll go.." Said the butterfly and left without giving a flying.. concern.. A sonic tornado was formed at the delta weeks later.. Yet, still the dragonfly was unable to decide neither left nor right she be headed.. being washed away by the musical typhoon..


released January 12, 2021

Music and Artwork: Tongas (soundcloud.com/tongas_serrated_margin)
Audio engineer: Fractal Alchemy (fractalalchemy.bandcamp.com)
Photo editing: Bronto, Raiven


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