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Electro for Metal fans

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Hi all,

I'm sure this topic has been done before, if so FANTASTIC post some links.

A friend in his 30's who has spent his life listening to metal is trying to get into electronic music. No specific genre as of yet, the only descriptor is that he likes epic and melodic music.

Last time he listenened to electronic it was when Skrillex and Basement Jax were in their prime. Modern EDM seems to immature for a guy that listened to heavy metal.

Any recommendations of where to get the guy started? 

So far I have:-


Jon Hopkins


Bad Tango

Mood Deluxe

Kino oko


Jon Bovi

Zirrex (sneaking it in)

Zen Baboon

Thievery corporation


So I guess anything unique with its own flava profile that can get him hooked in some direction or another.

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Old Dark Soho or even Xenomorph perhaps? As an aside, I was (am?) actually a metal musician first before I got into the electronic world and think it always permeated my own music, especially the last album. Jikkenteki 4 is actually turning into my first attempt to actually blend the two together, although it will be awhile before it’s ready. 

I might also suggest looking into drum n bass. I am still stuck in the old school stuff for the most part, but I can see metal heads with electronic interests liking artists like Gridlok. 

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14 hours ago, Paul Eye said:

Mick Gordon

Yes. Fucking yes. The Doom OST is a thing of beauty.

"BFG Division" is required material whenever you wanna commute in Paris.



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5 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

I think i'll take this just for myself, breaks & psybreaks might be one of the best things there are.

And sadly one of the more forgotten electronic music genres out there :(

4 hours ago, Proxeeus said:

"BFG Division" is required material whenever you wanna commute in Paris.

BFG Division is one of the most punishing pieces of music I've ever come across. Devastating, just like the weapon XD

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