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UnityVerse Music presents: Portal Mechanics (VA)

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With great pride we present the inaugural release from UnityVerse Music, Portal Mechanics VA. A carefully selected entourage of sonic alchemists, each with their unique vision and abilities of frequency manipulation, have joined label founder Cosmic Touch on this quest deep into inner space. Together they conjure up a gateway into a new realm of psychedelic bass & downtempo music. Welcome to the UnityVerse.

So that everyone has a chance to get the compilation, it is released as a name your price album and will remain so for the first week on Bandcamp.

1. Spaceship Earth - Frequency Shifters
2. Cosmic Touch - Zero Point
3. Aquiver - Olden Gem
4. MAOA - Psychic Fair
5. Psydraft - Dub Almighty
6. Wise Tree - Savasana
7. Cosmic Touch - Alter The Course
8. Shalohim - Bazinga
9. The Glitch Wizard - Moonsteppa
10. MettāKin - Calruithyne
11. Neon Jesus - Portal Mechanics (Full DJ Mix)




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