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Jedidiah - Descent Of The Gods ( Album ) Mamomam Records

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Hello World !

Today we want to presents you samples of our next release : Jedidiah - Descent of The Gods ! I

"It is inspired by the way in which man through time could understand reading, writing, technology, much is said about superior beings who came from space and became the gods that each culture worships, carrying wisdom, intelligence and being capable of evolve, body, mind and soul, that is why the question: Are we alone in space?"

Jedidiah - Joaquín Rodríguez, better known as Jedidiah in the psychill genre. This project was born in March 2011. He released his first release Inner Spirit in 2015, since then he has made compilations, EP, albums, remixes and worked with artists inside and outside the country on many labels around the world.


1. Jedidiah - Descent Of The Gods ( Ft. Existence )
2. Jedidiah - Asintmah
3. Jedidiah - Eloah
4. Jedidiah - Rama
5. Jedidiah - Ometeotl
6. Jedidiah - Mitra
7. Jedidiah - Kukulkan
8. Jedidiah - Barong

All tracks written and produced by Joaquín Rodriguez
Artwork by Sati
Mastering - JaraLuca
License - Mamomam Records

Release date will be published soon.
Stay Tuned !!


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