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Sundial Aeon- Vulcanosis

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Artist: Sundial Aeon
Title: Vulcanosis
Label: Impact Studio Records
Date: March, 2017

1. Startup- Sequence
2. Message From the Parallel World
3. Gintaria
4. Norse Constellations
5. Diamond Trail
6. 5 Ways to Nowhere
7. Lunar Eclipse
8. Characters From the Parallel World
9. Perception of Madness
10. Landscape Transmitter
11. Stratospheric Polar Clouds (Zero Cult Remix)
12. Lunatic Visions (Chronos Remix)
13. Vernal Equinox (Suduaya Remix)
14. Drifting Radio Frequencies (E-Mantra Remix)
15. Blue Flame (Psysutra Remix)


I didn't know a lot about this project, suffice it to say that I was aware and that's about it.  This is their eighth album and with it they have earned a fan.  The music found within is firmly ensconced in the chill-gressive subgenre of downtempo.  Sometimes trancey, other times dreamy and lush ambient it has a crystal clear sound that invites you to become lost in their cosmic journey.  I don't see any mention that it is mixed, but the tracks flow seamlessly into each other and makes me feel like I"m turning the pages of a book.  It really is engaging with wonderful melodic phrases and deep, articulate breaks that can stretch for miles. 

One of the cool things is the remix portion of the album by some very well known names in our small corner of the universe.  This has been on my playlist for awhile and gets better with every listen.  One downside?  I fail to accomplish things with this on in the background because I'm drawn to it.  Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Beatspace Impact Studio Bandcamp

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