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My new track [full-on] Enjoy and lemme know what I can improves :)


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Great track, as expected ;)

Listening at home, where I have 7inch monitors and some acoustic treatment, can't seem to hear anything wrong in the mix. Maybe the kick is somewhat weaker than what is considered the modern norm, but if you are aiming at mid 00's sound then it sounds fine. The bass is great, what synth/technique do you use? Do you resample it or run directly from a synth?


I'd make the track 2 minutes longer and add a more pronounced melodic climax. E.g. at 4:37, drop some supersaw arpeggio and go full cheese, then it would be fkn epic :) 



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Thanks Loop! 

The bass is still running from the VST Sylenth. Although I think the main thing I use on all my bass, whether its Serum, Sylenth or whatever, is Waves Tans X. I swear by this plugin and I put it on 100% of bass tracks and it always, always sounds better. Of course the usual, get your filter envelopes sounding kinda snappy but I think you got that. Also I really like Fabfilter Saturn, add like 3-4 bands and play around with it. Qaudrafuzz is also pretty cool.

I do intend to bounce the bass to a wave file for when I make the final mix. Also think it could have a few more touches etc and make it a bit longer. When I'm done I'll post it. 

Oh PRO TIP I saw recently: a lot of the groove and feel of the bass has to do with the first bass note. Make a separate track just for that first bass note so you can easily control it whenever you want.

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