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VA - Gamma Draconis (CD & LP on Suntrip Records) - Only 90s artists! :)

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i was lil bit skeptical because of some artists but every track sounds promising. Love also the style of Xenomorphs track...why he never did Trance like that before? Was he trapped in a Goth dungeon for 25 years by his girlfriend? I am very excited and will order the physical CD (thinkin about getting it on vinyl too....even if i have no player xD).

Please send me Stickers Suntrip...i will decorade my Door and my city with them ;)

I kinda feel that there will be a Gamma Draconis 2 in the near future. This release maybe gives some other oldschool producers inspiration to invest a final track in a GD Vol.2

Why i am that sure? because its a very good, emotional and kindling release.   


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35 minutes ago, Widar said:

Sorry to hijack the thread, but any news up? I'm having trouble finding any.

The site is up again, thats the news? :D 

As for Gamma Draconis 2... You have to know this cd was in the making for 3.5 years, that long it took us to find 8 tracks that were "good enough" in our opinion. At least 20 of classic guys didnt make it. I will be honest, it did not make us popular, but well... if some feel the magic again, we will go for a Gamma Draconis part 2 :) 

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Dear goa-freaks! Its a very special day at Suntrip Records! Our new pure goa-trance compilation on CD & vinyl with Astral Projection, MFG, Xenomorph, Shakta, Oforia,... is now released on Suntrip's bandcamp and the Suntrip shop! (links below)

1. Roy Sasson - Mentalogue
2. Xenomporph - Dying Sun
3. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Shinechaser
4. Shakta - Expedition To Earth
5. Astral Projection - Dominion
6. MFG - Global Light (Retro Version)
7. RA - Eikon
8. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories

After years of working with these goa-trance legends they made 1 more old school goa-trance track especially for us! As a result, we are proud to present "Gamma Draconis", an 8 track compilation with music that ranges from classic melodic trance to darker acidic stuff!

As you could see, this is released as a cd and a vinyl. The vinyl is only available in our own shops (so bandcamp and Suntrip). But beware, the vinyl will only be shipped in 2 weeks (delays at the factory). But in the mean time you can already listen to it

Thanks for the eternal support!!

If you buy our music directly from our shops, keep in mind: 1CD or vinyl is equally expensive from bandcamp and the Suntrip shop, BUT if you buy several items, the Suntrip shop is cheaper! (and if you buy the vinyl, it will be shipped in 1.5-2 weeks, the factory had delays... Unfortunately)



Suntrip shop:


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