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E-Mantra - 15 Years of Music Special Release Vol 1


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1. E-Mantra - Liquid Frequency 2003 08:01
2. E-Mantra - Neural Vertex 2005 09:36
3. E-Mantra - Poltergeist Activity 2002 09:56
4. E-Mantra - Radiant Vision 2003 12:28
5. E-Mantra - Searching Ganesha (Early Version ) 2005 08:25
6. E-Mantra - Telepathic Alienation 2005 06:41
7. E-Mantra - Visitors 2002 06:54


What you have here are some of the older tracks from E-Mantra remastered and some re-released. As a prelude to this short review - I always found Voyager II from Opus Iridium to be perhaps the greatest E-Mantra track. It's extraordinarily brooding science fiction soundscape through the dark void of space had me hooked to his sound before his debut album Arcana. Since then his sound has evolved in many ways. First it became more melodic and uplifting with Pathfinder and then going back to a darker sound of Nemesis. Stapanii Timpului being his latest effort in what represents almost a mix of all of his previous efforts. His sound evolved into a more immaculate style throughout the albums where the rawness of afromentioned Voyager II's sound got refined time and time again and many tracks had uplifting melodic climaxes rather than dark and agressive ones.

This 7 track special album presents these older, more agressive tones. The style is already very recognizable akin any later input, but I personally found his earlier music quite endearing. All but tracks 5 and 6 engulf the listener into a journey like what the track on Opus Iridium achieved. Hypnotic psychedelic soundscapes that immerse the listener and encompass the best of science fiction trance. Wholly recommended.

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