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Vampire Empire - Diversity

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Tsotsi    152


let's just be upfront about it: This Is Banging Cover Art 

Label: Random Records
Title: Diversity
Artist: Vampire Empire
July 15, 2020

Trip Advice 


Diversity: No fucking shit, this track had so much diversity that I had to open a private browser. Damn dude, I mean ?dudex? I dunno, but we like the letter x in the world of diversity so just let it be. This aint appropriation, is appropriateappropriation. If you know what I mean. We got damn chantx, baxxlines, fluteX & xtrings. It ticks all the diversity boxes without a doubt, the percussion of Domingo, the dance flamingo of vocal pereoir, the ethnic flambier & punchy cracks sitting behind each kick. This would break the sound barrier at a festival turn the people into dirt and the dirt into mud and the mud into paint and poop and shit. 

Trip Advice: Be-warned, you may not come out of this track any wiser about a trip. In fact you come out knowing less as Trip Advice tears the memory from your post-cranial receptors. The jumpy sporadic bass bouncing between string instruments is a little bit more than alright. The guitar riffs are riff-raff goodness that climb into your basement with their riff-raff-scalions just to bang the pots and pans. It's random, and that's why we're here. Use your fingers or your elbows or you nose and ears to push that 'play' button to this track at a festival and prepare to watch the crowd smother each other in excitement and love.  





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AstralSphinx    109

The cover art reminds me a bit of the style of the cover arts of VA-People Walk Funny, and Psysex-2020.  But I didn't manage to find any info of this cover on discogs, only that the EP is mastered by Ido Ophir (Domestic). The artwork is original for sure. :)

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