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Sugar Bytes Looperator MIDI-control?

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AstralSphinx    110

So in the tutorial videos on Sugar Bytes youtube, they go over very briefly that you are able to more precisely control what specific notes you want affected by effects, for example tape stop. And while consulting the manual, the only thing it tells, is that you can control the synchroniztion of the plugin.

"Via two modes, "in sync och with your DAW (HOST button) or started manually via the PLAY button. This button can also be triggered by MIDI or automation." 

So I obviously want to use option two and control the PLAY button via MIDI. So in their official video they just show briefly that he has set up a dedicatd MIDI-channel to control the Looperator plugin which is inserted on a separate audio or instrument channel. They don't explain the other steps on how to get this to work. Only thing I've deduced so far is that while right-clicking on the area with the the PLAY/HOST mode buttons, a small window with "Learn and Clear(Key: Any)" comes up.

So how do I set this up to get it to work? I assume it involves some CC messages or something? My bet is that they don't go into more detail because it differs from DAW to DAW, I'm on Logic Pro X if anyone has made it work within that.

The video in question from their youtube channel:


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