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Amanite FX & Prana - Black Rain (Remastered & Remixed by Roy Sason) on Vinyl

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We are happy to announce that our long-awaited "Black Rain" vinyl project is almost done, so we are able to start presales the evening of July 20th
The A Side has a remastered version of Prana & Aminite Fx Black Rain by Maor aka Skizologic, who gave new energy to the original tune while preserving the vibrations of the old-school track with his technique.
The B Side is Roy Sason's remix, which faithfully reworks the sounds of the 90's to bring a new life to the track, making a huge impact on audiences who love true old-school Goa music.
This vinyl is limited to only 100 copies at the moment. It will ship together with a bonus Prana Tribute Mix CD by Roy Sason as gift CD.
The shipping date will be after September 9, 2020. So please follow to our bandcamp for be sure to grab yours while you can - you won't want to miss it!! We hope that everyone will enjoy this project, full of passion for the old-school music.





新月を迎えた7月21日の夜から、長い間温めてきたプロジェクトの一つ、Prana & Aminite FX - Black Rain の Maor Hasbani aka Skizologic によるRemasterと、Shidapu ことRoy Sason によるRemixを収録したレコードのプリセールをスタートしました。
初回盤は100枚限定、特典としてRoy Sason によるPrana へのオマージュを込めたTribute Mix のCDが一緒に届けられます。コレクションに加えたい、と思ってくださった皆様、どうぞMatsuriのBandcampをフォローしてプリセールの開始をお待ちください。

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