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Nervasystem - 3

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Artist: Nervasystem
Title: 3
Label: Voodoo Voltage
Date: January, 2015

Track list with random track titles.



Is...is that true?  If so, then Mr. Dressler might want to check up on his ancestry DNA profile, cause...well, there might be a surprise for him.  Just checking, but this is the Time Travel guy, right?  A downtempo album then?  Ok, he's not the first psy artist who went that route.  Let's see what we got here...

Like a close talker at the office this album has no boundaries.


Zero.  Boundaries.

I defy you to classify this.  It's all over the place.

The opening track is a liquid downtempo number that is NOT indicative what you will find in this album.

Prolexdrocon sounds like a noodling glitch session with everything but the kitchen sink.  How do you go about doing a 43 second remix?  Two tracks in a row each under a minute with very little musicality?  I swear L.I.A.S. was your cat walking across the keyboard.

I can't decide if this is an artist flexing his creative muscles of a f*ck you to the psytrance crowd.  Maybe both.  Just like one doesn't just walk into Mordor one doesn't just pop this on the hi-fi and say, "Know what I'm in the mood for?"

"Sound salad."

Like breakbeat with glitch?  He's got you.

60's guitar riffs in a smoky room?  He's got you.

Dreamy short snippet of ambient to get high to?  He's got you.

He wrote that this was his most favorite album to make.  You don't say?  Of course it is, there are no rules and no boundaries.  If I tell my 8 year old to paint me a picture, but stay in the lines she gives me the wicked side eye, but tell her go nuts...


Bottom line this is a very interesting album in the sense that he throws a f*ckton of random sounds together in a creative (I suppose) mish mash.  There is very little musicality or structure to be found here and for this listener very little enjoyment.  I liked Time Travel a lot.  This...is certainly not that.  The only reason I gave it a listen is that he is offering his digital discography for a stupid low price so don't hesitate to pick it all up. 

Nervasystem Bandcamp

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