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1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant

2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum

3. Goasia - Back To Space

4. Goasia - Hybrids

5. Goasia - Yes, We Are

6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet

7. Goasia - Life Reborn

8. Goasia - Basic Instinct

9. Goasia - XOR

10. Goasia - Area 51

So this just happened. Very nonchalantly.


It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. You may have an idea of why this is hype just from their previous album releases. You might wonder 'Why isn't there any hype around this' Well that's because no one thought of telling us a release was on the way. No bother, here we are.

Goasia have been releasing Goa trance since at least 2006 and have their own very distinct sound. Vladislav Radulovic & Balint Tihamer make Goasia up and damn they have already given a lot to this scene, well strap in, press the big red button and prepare to Land on the wong planet as these fellas take you to magic land.

Making this Spacedock Records 6th CD release, be sure to grab this sexy beast in physical if that's your jam.





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2 hours ago, Kitrinos said:

I still respect them for their unique style, but I can't stand all these dissonant sounds. Until 2013 they made so many harmonious and beautiful melodic tracks. :(

Interesting, after seeing mixed reactions on previous albums my thoughts on this album was that there was nothing left to gripe about.

It's a very Goasia + Spacedock Records  sound I find.

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On 6/20/2020 at 2:59 AM, Tsotsi said:

It's a very Goasia

yes. there are a few more fx, but otherwise the sounds and melodies are all something we've already heard on their previous albums. so no big excitement on my side.

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On 6/22/2020 at 4:01 PM, Penzoline said:

I find this way more inventive than the last album which I found a bit of a miss.

Agree, I like all the funny little sounds and ideas combined with the nice distinctive melodies. Just bought it.

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